Welcome to the website of the Friends of the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District.

We are dedicated to the preservation of the district and its historic sites.

The Covered Bridge spanning Nickajack Creek in Smyrna, Georgia, is the focal point of the Concord Road Historic District. The Rock House, the Miller’s House and Ruff’s Mill, plus the millpond ruins are closely nestled in the same small valley.

These structures are on the National Register of Historic Sites.  Nearby this cluster is the Ruff Home and cemetery, the Gann House, the Silver Comet Trail and Heritage Park which contains a woolen mill and dye house, the only remains of a small but once thriving community in the 1860s.

This area holds the distinction of being Cobb County’s first Historic District.  Initial application steps to place the entire District on the National Register are underway.

Modern history begins when Martin Lukar Ruff and Robert Daniell obtained several hundreds of acres in Cobb County in the 1832 Land Lottery of Georgia.

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